• About us

    European Lazarroimpex Group is an import and export company for food and beverage products. From the first minute of cooperation, we focus on our client and begin to take care of him. Growing together we will leave further. We offer full support throughout the process. We focus on the values that differentiate us from the rest: deep responsibility and teamwork as a joint and unique mechanism.

  • Spain

    Everyone knows that Spain has the most delicious jamon and anchovies. Even seasoned travelers.

  • Portugal

    Portugal is famous for its delicious port wine.

    According to a legend, the abbot of a local monastery treated two Liverpool wine merchants a drink they rated as "very pleasant, sweetish and extremely harmonious."

    After, he told his secret: during fermentation, he poured some grape alcohol into the wine - this is how the Portuguese port wine became popular.

  • Italy

    Nature has generously endowed Italy not only with a mild climate, but also with gorgeous wine, olive oil and olives, incredible delicious prosciutto.

  • France

    Not surprisingly, 60 million tourists come to France every year. France is always in demand as French wines and cognacs are offered all year round.

  • Germany

    Among the most popular and most common German foods are sausages. But, Germany is also a country of bakery delight. Therefore, adding delicious brezel to sausages (their taste is ideal for a beer feast) - we get a delicious beer set.

    Also, Germany is famous for Riesling. It's accounts for almost 70% of the wine produced in Germany. An excellent white wine with excellent aging tolerance.

  • About us
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
Our history


European Lazarroimpex Group is a Spanish company that is a part of the Union of Producers of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal), and is also a member of ICEX Spain Export and Investment - a state national commercial organization whose mission is to promote the internationalization of Spanish companies with the participation of the European Regional Development Fund.

The company is focused on the Eastern European market and performs a commercial function.

The main office is located in Barcelona. There is a large staff of qualified employees who provide additional control at all stages of the product's route: from quality development to timely shipment.

The company has extensive experience in the European market with both manufacturers and consumers. Thus, there is a continuous exchange of experience and information due to which we have a large volume of orders and a wide catalogue of products.

Our company can advise and offer a full range of turnkey services. We take control of the complete product development cycle: from label to finished product. We determine the characteristics of the product (taste, assortment, packaging, design, brands).

There are more than 100 manufacturers of different product groups: alcoholic and non-alcoholic products, juices, coffee, confectionery, gluten-free products, vegan products, grocery and gourmet group with the possibility of Halal, Kosher certification, frozen products and much more.

The Union of Producers works with private labels and existing brands from manufacturers.

Manufacturers, that are members of the union, provide and prepare the product for sale, based on the needs of the market (applying excise stamps, stickers with translations). They have a lot of flexibility in developing packaging design, labels, quality characteristics and content. We are also ready to adapt to the standards of a particular market.

Manufacturers work with well-known European retail chains such as: Metro, Auchan, Mercadona, Lidl, Carrefour, Aldi.

Also, the union includes large companies that operate in the Asian, South and North American markets.

All manufacturers are certified by the international quality certificates (IFS, ISO, EHI Retail Institute).

Delivery methods for products varies depending on the territorial capabilities and the needs of a client.

We use:

  • ground shipment
  • sea freight
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Mission and vision

We develop businesses on a long-term basis and involve our staff, clients and providers to deal with matters of concern and provide the best assistance service to the client.

  • 1

    Over 20 years of experience

  • 2

    Over 100 active partners

  • 3

    Strong and motivated team

  • 4

    Flexible and adaptive



Our portfolio includes products from the following groups

  • Alcoholic beverages

    What about wine. Our partners use the best grape varieties. Wineries with the most modern technology. We receive only high quality wines.

  • Non-alcoholic beverages

    When fruits are consumed in liquid form (juice), beneficial elements and vitamins are better absorbed than from fresh fruits in solid form. Juices and natural drinks are a storehouse of vitamins and microelements. Vegetable, fruit or berry juices are very necessary in every person's diet. And modern production, when processed, allows you to preserve the most of the vitamins contained in raw vegetables and fruits.

  • Confectionery

    Chocolate with an innovative taste. Unique in appearance and shape. Only premium ingredients. With a quality composition. Our partners occupy a prominent position among competitors.

  • Frozen foods

    Frozen berries, fruits, mushrooms and vegetables, seafood, popular baked goods and semi-finished products. Quality products that will shorten your time in the kitchen.

  • Vegan

    Our partners strongly believe in healthy lifestyles and we work to ensure that you live a happy and healthy life. They love to innovate with sustainability, environmental friendliness and a healthy lifestyle in mind.

  • Gourmet foods

    Jamon from our partners has a unique taste and aroma. In special cellars, jamon, like good wines, is waiting in the wings.

  • Groceries

    Fresh olive oil without any additives or preservatives. This oil is obtained by pressing olives exclusively by mechanical means. Without the use of chemical and biochemical additives.

  • Household items

    We provide you with non-food chemical products, care products for clothes, premises, cars, dishes and anything else you need in your home. As well as hygiene products: shampoos, shower gels, etc.


The collaboration with Europeanlazarroimpex Group is:

  • A clear idea of the work methods and possible profits.
  • Latest business technologies and trends.
  • Financial stability and reliability


Europeanlazarroimpex Group, SL

Maria Fortuny, 1, 08110, Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona